Why do I need an editor?

No matter how carefully you edit your own work, the perspective and expertise of a professional editor can make the difference between good-enough writing and impactful writing. An editor will see problems and opportunities you will inevitably miss, simply because you are immersed in the project. An editor can help you strengthen your argument and reach your reader, while preserving your personal style. Publishers vary in their willingness to take on a manuscript in need of significant revision, so a clean and compelling submission increases the chance of having your work accepted.

My experience at traditional academic presses as well as my own work as a scholar lets me bring to your project a deep familiarity with traditional forms of academic prose — monographs, journal articles, book reviews, book proposals — and an ability to help you navigate the entire publishing process with ease. My work with textbooks across disciplines lets me help you craft an educational resource that is content-rich, pedagogically-informed, and both visually and verbally compelling. My experience leading the editorial program for an innovative and interdisciplinary online publication in the humanities means I am well-positioned to assist you with projects like crossover books, essays, and op-ed pieces that help you get your ideas out there in ways that are both intellectually rich and broadly accessible. I also invite you to find out how I can assist you with the development of your curriculum vitae, resumé, or website.

Writing is personal as well as professional, and I place a premium on collaborative relationships with my clients. I am actively interested in your development as an author, and my goal is to help you impress the world with your highest quality work.

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