Coaching and Consulting

Dissertation and Thesis Coaching

Learning craftsmanship. From developing a thesis to project management, a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation is where scholars learn their craft. This process is far from easy. Be sure you come out the other side not just with more knowledge of your discipline than you will ever have again (or so the saying goes…), but also with the skills you need to tackle your next project like a pro.

Dissertation-to-Book Coaching

Polishing your craft. A dissertation serves one purpose: to get you a degree. Once you are credentialed, the options for what to do with your work are many; which is the best choice for you depends on a variety of factors, including the character and state of your manuscript, your professional plans (and their expectations of you), and your available time. I am available to talk strategy, help you map out a trajectory, and coach you along the way.


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