Aesthetics matter. Good design matters. Craftsmanship matters. Beautiful, well-crafted things invite us to linger a while, enjoy, soak in. Joy and ease of reading help good ideas become impactful ideas. I believe that academic writing can be enjoyable as well as rigorous, and I strive to see this belief realized in my own writing as well as in my work with others. Whether you are an individual, a publication, or a press, I invite you to explore my menu of services and contact me if I can assist you with a project at any stage of the development or publishing process.


Angela Roskop Erisman is a first-class editor. She has the wonderful ability to identify weak prose and transform it, while always paying careful attention to authorial voice. The attention Angela puts into getting the craft of writing right is unmatched in the business. — Simon Rabinovitch, Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Boston University and Senior Editor at The Marginalia Review of Books

Angela is not only able to offer real expertise in editing and publishing but she is also a supremely gracious colleague. I encourage you to call on her when you need her professional skill, and to tell your colleagues and students. Our joy of working with Angela the past few years has reminded us how rare it is to find someone whose high-level technical knowledge is matched by a rich personal integrity and compassion for her colleagues. — Timothy Michael Law, Editor-in-Chief at The Marginalia Review of Books

Angela brings to every project vast experience as a writer, scholar, and editor. She’s the consummate professional who will identify concerns you did not anticipate and offer constructive recommendations, while showing an ability to adapt to your needs. Angela can handle anything from journalistic-style essays to book-length scholarly monographs. While possessing an eye for detail, she won’t lose sight of the grander statement your project is seeking to make. I’ve benefited greatly from her editorial services. — David H. Aaron, Professor of Hebrew Bible and History of Interpretation at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and Director of Hebrew Union College Press

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