The Craft of Research

9780226065656Need a companion to walk you through the steps of doing a research project? Whether you’re writing your first graduate school paper or publishing your seventeenth article, here’s your best friend. I’ve used this volume as a help for multiple projects and each time assimilate a new idea or hone a new skill by revisiting it. The authors walk you through the process, from understanding your role vis-à-vis your readers and finding and honing a topic to constructing an argument, drafting, and revising. It’s in-depth, detailed, and deals with subjects not commonly treated in writing manuals, such as the role of claims, evidence, and warrants in constructing an argument and organizing your piece. Plus, it’s written by some of the best writers in the business, and their own prose is a beautiful example of the principles they aim to teach.


The Craft of Research, Third Edition, by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams, University of Chicago Press

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